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Secure Workspace Automagically

Instantly find out the security of your Google Workspace instance and get it locked down easily with Atro's integration.

Integration Details
Workspace Integration

Connecting your Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite will enable automatic scans and monitoring of several configurations in your environment to ensure it's secure against common attacks and vulnerabilities. By pulling data into the Atro Monitoring Center and via alerts and emails, you will be keep abreast of any significant changes or risks present within your environment.


Additional checks will be performed to inform you of the environment's Total User count and the number of Super Admins.

Security Checks

After the initial connection, the integration will provide a retrieved status of your Google Workspace's 2-Step Enforcement, 2-Step Enrollment, Password Policy, Less Secure Apps, and Number of Admins.

Set Up

Atro connects to your Google instance via an encrypted Oauth 2.0 connection that is driven by a user click Connect to authenticate and establish a secure connection between Atro and Google through an approved scope of access. This process does require an Administrator account with proper permissions, with a Super Admin being preferred.


Atro makes use of Google's defined best practices to interact and integrate with your Workspace instance. Security practices include AES256 encryption and authentication tokens encrypted at rest. Atro will never access or handle your Google password and the authentication scope to be used is the Reports API.

Better security is just a few clicks away.

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