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Secure Slack Automagically

Instantly find out the security of your Slack instance and get it locked down easily with Atro's integration.

Integration Details
Slack Integration

By integrating with Slack you will be able to have automated, recurring updates that include Reports on Users, Admins and Bots within your Slack environment and Security checks on key settings all routed directly into your Atro Monitoring Center.


These reports will check on and allow you to view details about your Users, Admins and enabled bots within your Slack instance. This allows you to quickly keep tabs on who is utilizing your Slack account.

Security Checks

Keeping tabs on the use of 2FA, and ensuring you don't have too many, or too few Admins is also important to securing your Slack service, in addition to a continual check on existing or new External channels, which could be weak points in your security.


Atro connects to Slack via an encrypted Oauth 2.0 connection. By clicking Connect you will walk through the quick authentication process and establish a secure connection through an approved and limited scope of access.


Atro's integration utilizes the Slack defined best practices to interact and connect with your Slack instances; including AES256 encryption and Authentication tokens encrypted at rest. Atro will never handle or store your Slack password. Specific scopes used are: users:read,, channels:read

Slack security is just a few clicks away.

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