Cybersecurity on easy mode.

Get your organization protected with a guided cybersecurity management platform. No hassle, no confusion - simply better security on your terms.

All-in-one solution

One platform to rule them all

Security weaknesses can exist in many places across your environment. Find and manage risk wherever it lives.

Understand risk for each person in your team
Find and fix the security of your devices
Lock down software and cloud services
Protect the connections that your devices use
Ensure your vendors are as secure as you
Service Monitoring


Automated checks on your services make securing any environment almost like magic. You’ll be alerted if anything changes so you can rest easy knowing you’re secure.

Monitor your services
Easy to use

Built for simplicity

Our whole app is made for ease and simplicity. Whether you're a beginner or expert Atro will streamline your security process.

Discover vulnerabilities

Find out what you don't know

Security can be complex and confusing, even experts have a hard time finding all of the gaps. Atro hunts out missing security and prioritizes risks for you.

Reduce Risks

Doing the work for you

When issues are identified, fixing is fast and easy with automations. Walk-throughs give your team the power to correct individual issues without requiring an admin.

Give it a shot

Try it for yourself

See how your team answers simple questions and you get a picture of your security.

How do you store your passwords?
You have new security fixes!
You need to integrate a password manager
Fix it
All fixed!
Password manager in use
Got it
How do you store your passwords?

The easiest security platform
you've never seen

Atro is a brand new way of getting secure. You’ll be on the road to better security in 5 minutes. We've made it that easy.
No complex
No expensive licensing models
So easy anyone
can do it
Security frameworks

Easy doesn’t mean less effective

We use over 30 years of combined cyber security experience and build from the best frameworks on earth. All practices follow industry-leading and government-recognized security and compliance best practices.


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