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  • Office Manager
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Cybersecurity on easy mode

Cybersecurity is important, but it's hard to know what your business needs and how to get it done. Atro is like a security operating system for your business. It identifies your cyber weaknesses and effortlessly guides your team to lower risk. The best part? You don't have to be an expert to use it.

All-in-one solution

Finally, a clear view of your risk

Atro brings all of the important things together so you can keep track of security measures across your company.

Understand risk for each person in your team
Find and fix the security of your devices
Lock down software and cloud services
Protect the connections that devices use
Ensure your vendors are as secure as you
Monitor your services


Connect your services and Atro automatically scans and alerts if anything needs attention, so you can relax knowing you’re secure. It's so easy and automatic it's almost like magic 🪄.

Easy to use

Built for simplicity

Whether you're just getting started or an expert, we make getting secure easier than ever.

Discover vulnerabilities

Find signal in the noise

Atro organizes risks across your environment so you can make more impactful security decisions.

Guided practices

Problem? Fix.

Smart walk-throughs guide your team through remediations and best practices without needing help from an administrator. Your team learns and fixes together.

Give it a shot

Try it for yourself

See how easy it is for team members to answer simple questions so you can see how well your business is doing.

How do you store your passwords?
You have new security fixes!
You need to integrate a password manager
Fix it
All fixed!
Password manager in use
Got it
How do you store your passwords?

The easiest security platform
you've never seen

Atro is a brand new way of getting secure. You’ll be on the road to better security in 5 minutes. We've made it that easy.
No complex
No expensive licensing models
So easy anyone
can do it
Security frameworks

Easy doesn’t mean less effective

We use over 30 years of combined experience in cyber security and build from the best frameworks in the world. We follow industry-leading and government-recognized security and compliance best practices.


Better security is just a few clicks away.

Try Atro free for 14 days and see how we can reduce your security risks.

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